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The romance and celebration of a wedding begins with the decorations. Many wedding couples only focus their decoration efforts on the reception hall, actuall aisle decorations can create a festive atmosphere for the ceremony too. The aisle draws the attention of your wedding guests throughout the ceremony. They see the aisle upon arrival and upon being seated. The aisle is the focal point of everyone. Therefore, the wedding aisle is the perfect place to decorate.

Aisle Runners

Typical wedding aisle decoration for a wedding ceremony begins with the aisle runner. You can choose the traditional white runner or embellish with a light floral design that matches your wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. You also can select from any number of solid or patterned runners in a variety of colors. Use your imagination and creativity to choose a runner that is beautiful and enhances your wedding theme.

Flower Petals, Confetti, Bows, and Garland

If you choose not to have a wedding aisle runner, you can decorate the aisle floor by scattering flower petals or personalized wedding confetti.

Whether or not you choose to decorate the aisle floor, you can enhance the beauty of the aisle by connecting the pews or chairs along the aisle with tulle swags or garlands of greenery or flowers. Or place large bows as decoration on the aisle side of each pew or chair.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration

For a garden or beach wedding, you can be even more creative with plants and floral arrangements. Line the wedding aisle with rows of flowers or set flowering plants next to each aisle seat. To add a touch of elegance to a garden wedding, place white columns down the aisle topped with flower sprays. Aisle torches add a memorable touch to a Hawaiian-style wedding.


You can also create decorated arches for the wedding processional to pass beneath and place them several yards apart down the aisle. The arches can be made from flowers or green garlands or balloons, depending on the theme of your wedding.

We've collected our favorite design for your wedding Aisle decoration ideas.


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