Herbs Plant-七星针 Qi Xing Zhen

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Pereskias is the Scientific name, as traditionally circumscribed, is a genus of 17 tropical species and varieties of cacti that do not look much like other types of cacti, having substantial leaves and thin stems. They originate from the region between Brazil and Mexico.
This is a common medicinal plant grown in Singapore. Locally known as the "Seven Star Needle" Chinese name: Qi Xing Zhen, (七星针) flowers in bright orange red colour. Other common name: Rose Cactus, Wax Rose. It is the only cactuses with leaves. Just as the name "rose cactus" the beautiful highly ornamental flowers with multiple thick orange petals that are arranged in almost the same manner as seen in roses. After flowering, plants produce interesting, funnel-looking fruits which ripen into a bright orange colour. it is a member of the cactus family. but unlike many other leafless cacti we are familiar with, it grows in the shady place, so it is an ideal flowering fruits plant in balcony and corridor.
According to some traditional Chinese medicine book, the leaves of this plant are eaten raw by locals here with the belief that it can prevent or cure one of cancer. Some info about this herb plant: It can be used for treating internal and external injury. It helps to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It’s also a good treatment for stomach pain which is due to stagnation of qi (vital energy) and blood stasis.

Plant will be delivered with or without flowers and fruits.
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